OpenMobile ACL for webOS

ACL is the missing piece of the puzzle everyone has been waiting for: hundreds of thousands of apps for your webOS HP TouchPad! For the first time ever, you will be able to download and use Android applications on your webOS HP TouchPad.

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Project Codename “P.S.S”

Something really cool is in progress…


Project Codename “P.L.O.S.A.”

A new concept of Smart is just under development 😉

More will come soon!




Google Maps with Enyo 2.0

Google Maps brings the best map application back to your webOS device. Now with GPS locating services, 3d maps & turn by turn navigation. No longer feel the need for an alternative mapping source, as Google Maps will answer all of the possibilities. Actual version 0.0.1

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ACL Documentation

The official source for information about OpenMobile ACL for webOS, and Phoenix International Communications. ACL Documentation includes step-by-step guides with many helpful screenshots for installing OpenMobile ACL for webOS on your HP TouchPad.

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