Phoenix International Communications Inc.

The re-birth of webOS.

Phoenix is making webOS possible again by creating strategic alliances with companies from around the world with the same vision for webOS. The results will be new and innovative designs of webOS devices and making them available to people, like you, by the users and fans of webOS.

Phoenix International Communications (PIC) is a group of volunteers from around the world with a considerable undertaking; to assist in the development, manufacturing, and implementation of new hardware running webOS. The hardware, phones, and tablets need to be manufactured to run the new Open Sourced webOS software that was created by Palm and made available by HP, the owners of webOS.

PIC is divided into groups: marketing, development, and finance. Each group has a mandate to further the cause, creation, and marketing of the product.

Our vision is to build a version of webOS with that Phoenix touch that will start a fire throughout the social sphere, internet and beyond. Even though we have made great leaps in making that come true, we are small and we can’t do it alone. If you are curious and want to dig deeper to find out what we are about, feel free to send us an email telling us how you’d like to help. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Catch up on the latest news, drawings, and special events.

If you share the same passion, contact PIC and see if you can join the team and help push webOS into the hands of users around the globe.