Phoenix Trivia Quiz Launched!

We know you are all excited from the upcoming OpenMobile ACL for webOS and to thank you for the support given to us, we have decided to organize a fun trivia game. The subject? webOS of course!

Answer correctly will give you the chance to win a free license of OpenMobile ACL for webOS(plus other surprises for the hardcore players)!

Starting Monday, September 9th we will release each day a trivia quiz image on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where you will have to comment/tweet the correct answer!

An important thing to remember: when you comment or tweet the answer, be sure to like and share/retweet/+1 the original trivia question image! If you don’t, you will not qualify for the running of that day’s point! Each day, a random winner from each social network will be awarded one point and you need five points to win! The random winner will be chosen from the qualified participants who answered the trivia question correctly and shared the trivia question image on the social network. Participants can answer the trivia question on all three social networks to raise their chances, but an individual participant can win a maximum of one point per day.

Phoenix Trivia Quiz complete rules and how to participate are available here.

Look out for the first trivia question that will be released on Monday, September 9th! Keep your eyes open and be ready to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Are you ready?? Let’s trivia!